DIY Disaster.

My electrician is a good friend of mine. He’s also not scared of a glass of Pastis or 27.


There are reasons why I shouldn’t give him a glass before work has finished, but I’m struggling to remember what they are.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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7 Responses to DIY Disaster.

  1. Nikki says:

    Usually the things I learn from your postings have to do with travel. But this time I had to Google “Pastis.” Sounds like a pretty potent potable and, as you said, best left for post-wiring celebrations. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Makes for a good story anyway.

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    • It is his poison of choice. I’ll normally take a glass with him before switching to something quite less brutal. He promised that he was still fine after this, he’d just over balanced slightly. He fixed it all up, so all was forgiven, and he’s still my friend and electrician.


  2. ohhhhhhh dear! Is he ok?

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  3. Reblogged this on emergencyelectrician and commented:
    we all go through ceilings, makes you a electrician lol


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