Oh great start, just brilliant.

Awake early on my first day back in Africa and no water in the hotel room. Joyous.

Luckily I’d got a few bottles of water in the night before, so could brush my tooth. I threw more bottled water into the kettle, heated it up and poured it into a mop bucket to chuck over me as I stood in the bath.


Too hot.

Only one more small water bottle, made no real difference. Went downstairs and had breakfast, then back up for a shower.

Ok its good. Chucked some over me, soap up, shampoo head, rinse off with the rest. All is good.

Try to climb out of the bath holding the mop bucket, slip. Fall face first into the shampoo and shower gel bottles at the end of the bath and end up on the floor, with a cut to my inner thigh from the side of the bath and a golf ball sized lump on the top of my cheek.

I truly hope this isn’t a portent for the upcoming five weeks.


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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8 Responses to Oh great start, just brilliant.

  1. Surely, it can only get better.

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  2. Richard Ross says:

    Fancy expecting running water in an African hotel room. I take it you also complained about the view out of the window since Krakatoa wasn’t erupting and the hanging gardens of Babylon weren’t visible? Bloody Thomas Cook.


  3. Nikki says:

    Sounds to me like things can only get better… truly! It’s been a decade since my last trip to West Africa, and I thought conditions had improved, at least in the hotels. In the private homes of my late husband’s family, there was no running water and only sporadic electricity… and these were some of the nice homes that the Spaniards had left as a legacy. All these years later, I still say a quiet “thank you!” every time I step into my hot shower here at home!
    I’m looking forward to many more interesting posts as your holiday progresses… ones involving less pain to your person. 🙂

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    • To be fair, although this hotel wouldn’t rate a star back in Europe, for this part of the world its not too bad, and there’s normally water and electrickery.
      Like you, when I’m home I never take these things for granted, I really do know how other people live.
      I’m also hoping for a touch less pain for the next five weeks till I get back home.


      • feral007 says:

        Sorry I couldn’t help laughing! Sounds like somedays in my house! We have a flushing toilet………..when there’s water. All you had missing was the nasty big spider in the bathroom.
        Hope it does improve from here on.


      • I’m sure that it can’t get any worse. To be honest, I was lying on the bathroom floor, seeing double and blood dribbling out of my leg, laughing my head off. Rest up now after your long set of nights!!


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