Hugh, Jamie, Michel, move over!

I was cooking last night. Its something I enjoy, the laydee of the house also enjoys it, as its generally “interesting” and rarely something she’s eaten before.

On Saturday night we’d had some friends round for a drunken evening and she’d made some mini lasagne’s as snacks. I’d been in the kitchen while she’d made them, and had followed her actions with interest.

Now it was my turn, the minced beef and mushrooms and other such stuff were cooking away, the cheese sauce was made and the dried lasagne sheets were already out of the packet. I’d seen her throw them into hot water for a few minutes and then into the small muffin cases, so, into the hot water they went.

The Creuset dish was next to the hob in preparation. The first layer of the beef mix went in, topped with a layer of the cheese sauce. Now for the lasagne sheets and onto the second layer.



They didn’t seem to want to play.

Hmmm, clearly I’ve done something wrong here. More hot water was prepared, back in they went. I’ve probably not left them in long enough. Five minutes later out they come.



They still had no wish to comply with my requirements.

The laydee of the house is French and speaks very little English. Having lived with me for a few years though, she knows every single Anglo Saxon curse there is, and she could hear them all, sat in front of the telly in the front room.

She ventured in to see if she could help, and immediately collapsed into a heap, a giggling wobbling mess on the tiles.

When she’d finally composed herself, she explained that she’d put the lasagne sheets into the hot water, individually, as she needed to shape them into the muffin cases. For a standard, common or garden regular lasagne, one takes the dry sheets and places them directly into the dish.



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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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4 Responses to Hugh, Jamie, Michel, move over!

  1. Nikki says:

    After spending several lovely days at the coast, I came home to this delightful post. I’m considered a pretty good cook, so if it’s any consolation, I must concur with your idea… if the lasagne sheets are dried rather than fresh, I boil mine too. And it’s tricky business that takes practice. And here in the States, the sheets are narrower which also helps. Kudos to you for cooking lasagne in the first place!

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    • I live and learn, and the lasagne was no exception, I’m now marginally wiser.
      Ohhhh the coast? You don’t know just how envious I am. When I lived in the UK, I lived a three minute walk from the sea, and I used to walk it every day with my dog. Living where I do now I’m about an hour away, and although I don’t miss it on a day to day basis, I really really miss it whenever I smell the sea or hear a seagull. How was your trip? Where did you go?


      • Nikki says:

        I was born and raised here in Oregon, in the Pacific NW of the USA. This trip was spent on the central coast, although we ranged south from there for photo ops for my traveling companion. The Cape Perpetua area is full of hiking options and gorgeous scenery, but we were plagued by foggy conditions most of the time. We did get a few good shots in the Devil’s Churn, which is a must-see if you ever get this direction. I had the personal satisfaction of making it down the switchbacks and flights flights of stone stairways (WPA era) with my cane. (bittersweet to remember the days of blithely moving up and down these paths) Going back up was a stinker. 😉
        Regardless, any day at the beach is well-spent, and the weather was remarkably warm and dry for October. Hope this doesn’t fall into the TMI category.


      • Sounds a fantastic trip, I’m now even more jealous!!
        Rest assured, there is nothing that could ever fall into the TMI category with me.


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