An hour lost in luxury.

A visit to Arnhem to pay my respects on the 70th anniversary of Operation Market Garden, left me with the worst hangover ever recorded and a puncture on my Porsche.

Arriving at the Van Der Valk hotel in Oosterbeck, the young lady was most helpful, and gave me a phone number of a garage. After much to-ing and fro-ing I finally got the number of a Porsche garage 15 minutes away. The phone call was made and the rendezvous fixed for the following morning to go and see the lovely people at

On arrival the nice Mr Freek arranged for my car to be taken away, and then ushered me inside, asking me if I wanted a coffee.


It’s the little things …

Although I was feeling delicate, I couldn’t not notice the beauty all around me.

From the old (sorry it’s a touch dark but light was painful).


To the less old


To the brand new. Ooohhh shiny.


Hmmm, perhaps not.


Not only do Porsche make uber brilliant cars:


I waited for an hour for my car to return, with its new tyre. A touch long I thought, until I got in, and saw that the car had been washed outside and hoovered and polished inside. All ready for a nine hour drive back home.

Although I’ve owned my car for 18 months, I’d never stepped into an OPC until here on Saturday. The service and attention to the client was absolutely excellent. Next week the car’s going into my local one in Rennes for a seeing to. I somehow doubt the customer service will be the same, this being France. I shall let you know.



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2 Responses to An hour lost in luxury.

  1. feral007 says:

    Pretty cars…… they have one that could tow a horse float though? 🙂


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