It’s a spectacle, not a restaurant.

Number one on Tripadvisor for restaurants in Bucharest, the Curu’cu Bere seemed to be the place to eat.

I’d spoken to a couple of Brits the evening before in a sports bar in the Old Town who’d said that this was the place to go.  Wandering around, a touch lost, I asked two young ladies for directions, and the young Moldovans went out of their way to walk me directly to the door. I offered to buy them a drink as thanks but they wanted nothing.


The two girls had told me that if I hadn’t reserved a table, I could be in for a wait, and that was indeed the case when I entered. Still, the views inside the fantastic old building meant that my pint at the bar went down very well indeed. There was a real hum of background noise, the place was fuller than full, but there also seemed to be something of an air of expectancy.


After a wait of about 20 minutes, one of the waitresses asked me if I wanted a table in the cellar. I was about to agree when I heard some sort of commotion coming from towards the entrance. I looked across and was somewhat surprised to see:


People dancing. And singing. I watched them, beer in hand for a good few minutes before being led to a table upstairs on the first floor, overlooking the spectacle below. I have no idea of such things, but my dining partner for the evening explained that they were clearly professional dancers, their posture confirmed it.


The show lasted for maybe 20 minutes and was absolutely superb. Vaudeville entertainment in a beautiful building, with a great steak and a lovely glass of red.

What’s not to love?





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2 Responses to It’s a spectacle, not a restaurant.

  1. That puts me in mind of a restaurant in NYC, on the corner of, I think, 5th and Broadway, where the waiting staff, presumably all theatricals ‘between jobs’, took turns performing. Memorable.

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