Wot? No pots?

The hotel in Mauritania that I endure when in work never ceases to amaze me with its forward thinking.

Today, lunchtime, I headed back to cook myself some dinner (lunch if you’re posh) to find that all the cooking utensils had been removed from my kitchen.


Hmm, heating my green beans is going to be difficult. A quick call to the hotel manager should sort it.

“Hi, all the cooking utensils have been taken from my kitchen.”



“Is there any chance I could have them back?”


“Why not?”

“Ah, because we’re getting you a brand new set.”

“Excellent news, are they on their way up now, as I need to cook my dinner.”

“No, they’re coming from France, should be here in three weeks.”

“Right, three weeks. Could I suggest that you bring the old ones back in the meantime?”

“No, we’ve thrown them out, as we’re getting you new ones.”

“Yes, in three weeks.”


“How am I going to cook for the next three weeks?”

“Er .. um.. er … um…… We’ll take some from another room tonight and bring them round”


Cold green beans aren’t the best.



About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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4 Responses to Wot? No pots?

  1. Oh maaaan! This sucks! I guess you could do the raw beans in hummous…. But still! 😠


  2. Ah, working in Africa, nothing quite like it. My short stint in Dakar was similarly entertaining. The company rented me an apartment (eventually). Which was actually very nice, it just happened to be 10 km from the office. They didn’t rent me a car.


    • If I overlook the Fawlty Towers staff, the gaps between the window frames and the walls big enough for a golden eagle to fly through, let alone every mosquito this side of the Mason Dixie, the cleaners who just walk in without knocking (and then complain that I’m naked) and the cockroaches that seem to love sleeping under my pillow, this apartment isn’t actually all that bad.


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