There’s milk, there’s milk!!!

In the office where I work we have an admin man. His job, as is the job of admin staff in offices the world over, is to ensure that the administrative needs of the office are taken care of. The ideal is clearly that the need is anticipated, and covered, before there is a lack of something, tis normal yes?

One of his jobs is to buy milk. Not a difficult task you would think, he walks past the little shop where the office has an account on his way into work. He simply has to stop, collect the milk and bring it into the office.


He feels this job is beneath him, so every single morning, without fail, he walks past the little shop, ignoring the shopkeeper that he knows he is going to see again shortly, and comes into the office. He has been in the job for about a year now, and every single day for the entire time he’s been in the job, the following scenario has occurred.

Every morning, around 9 am, I pop downstairs into the kitchen, to make myself a coffee. I look in the fridge, there is no milk, I go to the desk of the admin man and ask him to go and get the milk. He looks at me with disdain, stands up and slowly goes and buys milk. He comes back, I make coffee.


This morning, as every morning, I went downstairs at 9am, walked past admin man’s desk, into the kitchen. I opened the fridge, ready to shut the door in exasperation and go and ask the admin man for milk, but lo, what is this? WHAT IS THIS?

THERE IS MILK!!! In the fridge, there is a pint of milk.

I’m staggered, but seizing the moment, I turn the kettle on and prepare my cup and spoon.


There’s no coffee.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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2 Responses to There’s milk, there’s milk!!!

  1. Nikki says:

    Thank you for my first genuine smile of the morning! But I’m sorry that doesn’t get you that first glorious hit of necessary coffee.


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