The most moving piece of graffiti.

Walking around the Jewish quarter in Krakow early on a Tuesday morning. The roads were quiet, and the majority of the shops were still shut, but I was there to see a specific area.

I wanted to come and pay my respects in the Jewish cemetery, and arrived there with no problems. A guided visit through the synagogue and graveyard was preceded by seeing the sad tablets on the walls.


As incomprehensible today as it must have been for those deported 70 years ago. It was a sombre visit, I only spent an hour in the area, trying as I always do to understand the feelings of those people affected by the horrors.

After leaving, walking through the back streets heading towards the city, when I stumbled across without doubt the most moving piece of graffiti/street art I’ve ever seen.


Simply stunning.



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2 Responses to The most moving piece of graffiti.

  1. Nikki says:

    I wonder how long this Lion Of Judah has been struggling to survive?

    Thanks for sharing both powerful photographs.


    • I think it was the pain of the first photo (and the many other plaques of a similar nature) that made the second picture quite so powerful for me. I just thought it was a magnificent piece of artwork, with a very powerful message.


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