Bedoin and its market.

This picturesque little town in the Vaucluse may be famous for being one of the three starting points for the ascent of Le Mont Ventoux, hallowed turf for cyclists, but there is more to the place than just a big hill.


Although the weather station at the top is visible from most parts of the area, in Bedoin itself, there is a wonderful market in the town every Monday that takes up the entire town centre.

Bedoin appears to nestle into the folds of the lower foothills of the mountain range, with the church dominating, as in most French towns and villages.


In nine years of living in France its one of the best markets weekly markets I’ve visited. Local produce everywhere, fresh, with the fantastic smell of roasted chickens assaulting the nostrils at various places.


The roast spuds cooking in the bottom of the tray, in all the fat, were the best I’ve ever eaten in my life. Bar none!!

I was there in late July so there was plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in evidence;


As well as local and less local cheeses:


Local earthenware products:


The honey man:


Most of all though, just colour and a real sense of occasion, as I’m sure market day in France must have been in days gone by. A few hours spent wandering through here, followed by beer and pizza in the Italian pizzeria at the top of the square made for a great day.



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