Call me a bluff old traditionalist if you wish …

In fact please do, it’s something I’m quite proud of, especially when it comes to the English language.

Driving through Nouakchott yesterday, I came across this monstrosity:


NO, no it isn’t The English Language Center if you’re going to spell “that” word “that” way.

Rant over, have a nice Sunday.



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4 Responses to Call me a bluff old traditionalist if you wish …

  1. I have no problem with the changes Noah Webster made when compiling his original dictionary. I have no problem with his desire to lose some of the awkward spellings that owe more to history than to current usage, and make it a truly American language. I don’t understand why it wasn’t, from that point, called American and defined as a dialect of English (the language of the people of England – the clue is in the name), as are Cockney, Geordie, Glaswegian and many others.

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    • Being the bluff old traditionalist that I am, i like the peculiarities of the English language, letters that appear to be in the wrong place or that seem to serve no purpose at all.
      I accept that languages must evolve or die (Latin and Bo being two prime examples) but English is just that. If American is going to be taught in a center, then lets say so.
      (Rant finished for the day)

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  2. So it is center that is at the centre of all this ranting then? Being bilingual (American and English) I hardly notice… haha! 🙂 What is weird is Center d’Anglais. when Centre d’Anglais would have certainly looked better all the way round. But what do I know?

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    • And in French it would be written “Centre d’anglais” for we know the rules of grammar pertaining to our relevant mother tongues.
      Languages evolve, I accept and embrace this. Words enter and leave our lexicon, and rightly so, but this mission creep towards the American ruination of the English language is hard to bear.
      (I dont know how to do a smiley face, but accept that there is one here >>

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