A few weeks ago I had one of my posts that did very well, was seen by over 150 people in a day. (For me thats very good, believe me).

Since then, I’m getting about five or six spam messages a day on that one post, its the only post that gets it, and my spam filter thing tells me its stopped over 400 spam messages.

Simple question, as I don’t know, why? What does this spam actually achieve?

Thanks in advance.

Confused in Nouakchott.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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2 Responses to Spam!

  1. Akismet stops quite a lot on my blogs, too. Another site I run (here) has a sign-up form with only simple validation built in. I go through the database behind it and delete a dozen or so spam entries every week. Many have links that I imagine, if followed, would result in a bunch of malware finding its way onto my PC. I guess that’s the point of it, to spread keyloggers, ransomware or the stuff that builds botnets.


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