The Richat structure.

The what? The who? Where? And many other questions, which shall now be answered.

The eye of the Sahara, as it’s also known, is a geological feature situated not too far from the old oasis town of Ouadane, in Mauritania. Rings of concentric circles, only really visible from the air. Initially thought to have been a meteor impact, clever types now are convinced that it’s a geologic dome.


As I was in the area I thought I’d take a trip up, so managed to find a guide and headed off. We drove for a couple of hours, bouncing and rattling over all sorts of dunes and rocks and dry river beds before suddenly stopping. The guide told me we were in the absolute centre of the structure.

I was expecting to see this:


But actually saw this:


It’s only when you see this, you realise the scale of the thing. As I stood there, I could clearly see three different concentric circles, but couldn’t see past the outer one, but having a look on the net when I got back later, I could see plenty more.

To be honest, standing in the middle of this vast feature, I was a bit underwhelmed, but things got a lot better a few weeks later when I got the chance to fly over it in a light aircraft:


And could take some pix of my own. Not quite the same as the professional ones featured above but they’re priceless to me as memories of happy times.





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6 Responses to The Richat structure.

  1. Richard Ross says:

    That’s aliens mate. Definitely.


  2. Whoa! This is spooky and completely amazing! What an awesome planet we live on. I am continually dumbfounded by its mysteries. Thank you for sharing. I had no idea such a thing existed.


  3. Thank you, my friend. I learned something today.


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