Fat, 50 and fearful

This Sunday, the 27th July 2014, 1 year and 2 weeks after watching Mr Froome and his band of very skinny Herculeans climb the Giant of Provence, will find me, fat, 50 and fearful astride my trusty two wheeled steed ready to do battle with the same bald topped hillock. I shall be doing this two days after returning from working in Africa, and without having been on a bike for at least seven weeks, due to holidays, work and injury. I hereby give ample notice that my time may be slightly dubious due to EPO (Eau, Pastis, Olive) and gallons of performance enhancing beer.

My riding partner is also 50, but is fit and fekkin mental. He wishes, not only to climb Le Ventoux but to then tackle a further “Tour” climb on the Monday (as I cry in the car).

We will be based in Bedoin for three nights, two days, and my question is this: Is there a climb that he could do, leaving Bedoin early (very early if needs be) drive there, climb, descend, and then back to Bedoin for at latest mid afternoon so we can celebrate our feats.

For as the French say “Ca s’arrose” et je suis complement d’accord avec eux.

All answers gratefully received.


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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4 Responses to Fat, 50 and fearful

  1. Blimey! 😮 I’m scared just thinking about it! (Being rather fond of performance enhancing beer myself…)


  2. Rather you than I, my friend. Bon courage !


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