Fun and food in Wangfujing

Wangfujing is one of the upmarket shopping areas of Beijing, a huge pedestrianised shopping street with a lot of high end shops as well as tourist tat. There is also a great hutong leading off. A midday stroll around the place had left us a bit peckish. Its a great place to people watch,



which we did for a while with the aid of a couple of cold ones before


we wandered into the hutong to see what was available.


They are amazing places, incredibly noisy, colourful, full of people and little stalls selling anything and everything. We bought some hair bands as a gift for someone back home, and directly opposite was a stall selling live scorpions waiting to go on the grill to be eaten.


The food is  questionable, although I’ve always lived by the maxim “When in Rome” so was game to try a few of the local delicacies.

There was some good stuff ..


And some stuff that wasn’t quite so good.


Yes, that is all that remains of a scorpion.



The thing that strikes you most though, are the colours. Its an incredible place to spend a few hours. I’ve visited the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and the Spice Market, the night markets in Ho Chi Minh as well as many others and they all have a special uniqueness, each one different, whilst carrying out the same function. The hutong in Wangfujing is without doubt the most colourful thing I’ve ever seen.


If you’re in town, it’s worth a trip, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.



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2 Responses to Fun and food in Wangfujing

  1. I enjoy your travelogues – and envy your travels. Some of them, anyway – mostly the ones not work-related.


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