A water feature for a fiver. (I accept I may have cheated slightly).

Having a little bit of time off work, I was given a job of making a water feature as cheaply as possible.

First thing, what was the pond going to be made from? Having been lucky enough to have won €200 worth of gift vouchers from a local garden centre, I knew I had more than enough to cover the bulk of the costs, so a quick scratch of the head and “bing” …. a brainwave. An old tractor tyre. A trip to the local tyre changer bloke and one was procured for free.


After I’d killed one of my angle grinders cutting the top off the tyre, I set about digging the hole.


One of the real advantages of living in Brittany is the soil. After the topsoil depth of around 3″ is pierced, there is a bedrock of small ish rocks, which resonate up through the arms and into the head every time the pickaxe hits one of them. Which is every time it hits the ground. Lovely. Still, after the best part of 5 hours and several gallons of cold water, the hole was dug, the tyre was in and flat.


Next thing was the waterproof liner, all part of the gift vouchers. Lovely. Free is a good price to pay for anything.


To be honest, digging the hole was the hardest part of the job. Once that was done the remainder only took a couple of hours, and was pretty simple.


The borders were outlined and then the decoration, in this case two different coloured gravels and some plants, was added, as well as some water.


The two tone gravel seems to work quite well I think?


The fountain was what made me go over my freebie budget, I paid nearly €20 for the little solar panelled piece of wizardly, but it works very well indeed.


Rest of the gravel was shovelled onto the site, the fence was covered in some light bamboo panelling for a bit of privacy for our afternoon aperos, and it was pretty much finished.


A few slabs laid around the top of the pond to hide the black liner and the job was done.

Three days hard work, and the real price was about €208, but with the gift vouchers we’d got, we only paid the eight, which is about a fiver. Not bad at all, and those lovely Bretagne summer evenings sat with a cold one in hand are now much more enjoyable.





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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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3 Responses to A water feature for a fiver. (I accept I may have cheated slightly).

  1. verypleather says:

    Lovely. Nowt like a water feature to make a Summers night special


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