The Asiana Intercontinental Hotel in Ho Chi Minh, how a hotel should be run.

I’m not being sponsored by The Asiana Intercontinental Hotel, just expressing my gratitude after a short stay in the best hotel I’ve ever had the chance to pass time in.

After a 13 hour flight from Paris, we were both ready for a comfortable bed and a decent meal.

The second the taxi from the airport stopped in front of the hotel, I knew we’d made the right choice. A member of staff was instantly there to escort us from the taxi to the check in desk, taking care of both us and our luggage. The check in was both quick and efficient. As an Ambassador in the Intercontinental loyalty programme, I was upgraded directly to a fantastic corner suite. We only stayed two nights in the hotel, but honestly, it was tremendous.

The club lounge was exactly as it should be, and the staff were on hand to service any request, but without at all being overbearing.
A good hotel always means a good staff. The staff were top drawer, every member of staff was polite, courteous, respectful and smiling. It takes good leaders to make a good team, and I have emailed the hotel management giving my thanks, but the execution of the ideals of the management couldn’t have been better executed by the staff. We didn’t leave or enter the hotel without somebody calling us by our name and wishing us a nice day or enquiring how our day had been.
The room was first class. The corner suite is more than large enough for the two of us, but with all sorts of little add ons, which made the stay very pleasurable indeed, Nespresso coffee machine, high quality toiletries, lovely local gift given to all members of the Ambassador programme and a basket of fresh fruit.

In short, without doubt the best Intercon we have stayed in, we will be back, and there are some Intercon managers who could do with paying a visit here, to see how a hotel from their chain should be run. Congratulations to the managers and staff of this wonderful hotel, truly exceptional.


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  1. Not too shabby, then?


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