Wat’s not to love?

Staggering, immense, incredible, fantastic, mind blowing, incroyable, bouleversant  etc etc

There are no superlatives in any language that prepare you for that moment when you see the moat, and standing, dark and imposing on the far bank, the monumental temples of Angkor Wat. There just aren’t.


The sheer scale is almost beyond comprehension. This outer wall is simply that, its just the way in. Once you get inside there are acres of the place to discover.


There are temples, buildings, courtyards, outbuildings and inbuildings, as well as labyrinthine corridors to negotiate.


The pathways are lined with what appear to be banisters or hand rails, all ending with the head of a carved snake.  Hundreds of them, all over the site, both inside and out.


The size of the place become more apparent once you climb up into the central tower, the highest point in the complex. Its huge, and you can see, just outside the walls, nature desperately trying to reclaim what was once hers.




The carvings on the stone, although old, still show incredible detail.



For every tower and temple in good condition, there is one in need of restoration. They are everywhere, the place is quite simply incredible.


There are other temples in the area, in fact this one wasn’t even my favourite, the Tree Temple was, but for sheer size, scale and awesomeness, this wins hands down.


I am in awe of the temple at Angkor Wat. I am in awe of the civilisation that built it, in awe of the people that lived there and kept it working, of the people who put it back into a decent state of repair after it was rediscovered and in awe of those who still work today to keep this amazing thing open for mere mortals like me to visit.



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