Lost on the Hai Ba Trung

After a couple of hours spent in the War Remnants museum in Ho Chi Minh City, I was made more aware of the difficulties the country as a whole had faced very recently historically, and how they are still suffering.

And yet, every Vietnamese I’ve met so far has been incredibly happy. They smile easily, are quick to laugh and eager to try and converse with you, using whatever means possible, either verbal or using hands and faces to convey their meanings.

Travelling with my French speaking girlfriend, I’m used to being the translator, and up until mid afternoon this was also the case here. Temporarily misplaced, strolling along Hai Ba Trung, we stopped in front of a bar to consult the map. As we looked, one of the 4 gentlemen at a table asked, in English, if he could help us. We spoke briefly for a few seconds, before deciding that a beer would be in order (purely medicinal Doctor). As we sat down, the four men insisted that we joined them at their table. We did so, and within a very few seconds realised that we had tumbled across possible the only four French speaking men in Ho Chi Minh Ville.

A few beers and some Ballantyne’s later, we were all best of friends, we had plenty of tips on what to see, and realised also that the bloke on the left of the photo must be the Vietnamese version of the James Bond villain, Jaws.
Brilliant afternoon drinking next to the Saigon river, and for once I could let the Mrs speak for herself.




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