Today is a sad day.

I awoke to read the incredibly sad news that Marine Le Pen and the Front National have swept the board in the French elections.

We all know that the ruling party is often given a bloody nose during mid term elections, but for over 70% of departments to have put FN first on their ballot paper is a hard thing to accept.

I dont do political diatribe, I confess to not being knowledgable enough to make damning statements about these weighty issues, but on a purely personal level, this is a sad sad day.


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4 Responses to Today is a sad day.

  1. I have to agree that mass support for extremist parties is lamentable. From what I gather though, and that just from BBC News, this is just one of a number of European states where the people have made a resounding statement that they want less Europe, not more. The EU is a politician’s wet dream that doesn’t reflect the will of, it seems, the majority of its people. Perhaps a move away from the United States of Europe and back to the European Economic Community would bring things back into balance.


    • That’s pretty well put, although to put some form of context: In Germany, more people voted for Animal Rights parties than for Far Right parties. (Yes, I know that Germany has profited hugely from Europe, which explains a reasonable amount of that).

      It’s certainly clear amongst my friends here that Europe is something they’re not fond of. Something as simple as the Euro really upsets them, loss of national identity and also a rapid rise in prices has meant that the cost of living has risen to a level where most people can’t afford to live.

      UKIP in the UK worries me much less than the FN here.
      The problems here in France are myriad, I understand the protest vote, there has never been a President less popular than Hollande, daily life in France is just too expensive for the majority of its citizens, the outrageous system of “charges” for employers is still outwith my comprehension, taxes are too high and misplaced etc etc. What I dont understand though, is the vote for the FN. There were other options available to them, I read all the options that Mme received, for each candidate in our area, and people could easily have voted for another party. It was a deliberate choice for racism, which I struggle to understand. I’ve always said that if Le Pen is elected as President, I will move elsewhere. I hope it never happens.


  2. verypleather says:

    I saw a tweet last night that summed it up very well. We are hving the same issues here, but at least Greece held off Golden D(Y)awn


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