History in my hand.



Ancient Pakistan Coins

Tucked away in a little piece of nowhere in Sindh Province, Pakistan is a wonderful piece of history. I was bouncing along a dusty track, past countless cotton fields just outside of Sukkur,


when my driver informed me there was a very old mosque not too far away. A history buff at heart, I urged him to take us there.

Turning a corner it came into view.


I couldnt get out of the car quick enough to go and have a look. My driver had explained to me that it was the first mosque ever built in what is now Pakistan, although I can’t seem to confirm this. A plaque covered in locally made blue tiles explained the history of the mosque. The Muslim General Muhammed Bin Gasim had conquered this previously Christian area and built the first mosque here, in 711 AD.


Traditional vivid blue tiles of the region

After a few minutes a wizened gentleman, who appeared to have the same age as the ruin, appeared like The Shopkeeper from Mr. Benn, out of nowhere. He invited us into his home, to give us a history of the place.

I wasn’t allowed to photo either him or his home, suffice to say it was a ramshackle affair, basically bits of wood holding up some polythene sheeting. He told us he was the curator of this living museum, although I suspect this was a self conferred title. After the traditional green tea he pulled out a small plastic see through bag, containing around a dozen round objects of differing sizes.


Pieces of ancient history

On looking, they were coins from a time gone by, and he told us that he’d collected them from around the site over the 40 years he’d been the curator.

There isn’t much that remains of the mosque, but it was a fantastic couple of hours spent walking round history.


Ancient Mosque Ruins Pakistan



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8 Responses to History in my hand.

  1. This is all very well, but all these details of your travels make me feel as though my life has been to sedentary!
    What can I say? Interesting, well-written and illustrated, comme d’habitude.

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  2. feral007 says:

    I love ancient ruins! In the UK I saw some. In asian countries. And even here in my own front paddock. Not much you might say. Some bricks and mortar, some local stone. But the stories contained…..it’s magic.

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  3. Jack Ferr says:



  4. feral007 says:

    And yet more………last week the neighbour was ploughing two of our paddocks and came across some aboriginal stones. He showed my son (and they are now in residence on my dining room table. If I get organised I’ll post a photo of them. Neighbour is part aboriginal and he explained the different stones, depending on the type you can tell which area they are from. So from our highest mountain in australia (a good two hours drive away) to our local stone, we have arrow tips and other artifacts.


    • Fantastic. I just love history, really fascinates me. And lucky that your neighbour is part Aboriginal and knows his stuff too.
      Few years ago I was working down in the south of Algeria, right in the middle of the Sahara Desert. My driver said to me, we’ll stop here, I want to show you something. Interested, I got out of the car. He said to me, put your hand in the sand (honestly, all you could see to the horizon in every direction was sand) take a big handful and then filter the sand through your fingers. I did as I was told, and was left with two fossilised shells. Did it again a few times, and I’ve now got about a dozen fossils at home. Will have to get a picture of them too.


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