A slice of unashamed luxury in The Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

The Grand Hotel Stockholm is exactly that. A hotel, in Stockholm, that truly is grand, in all senses of the term.

night hotel

I’d read before coming that “High Tea” was a must if you had time and money to spare. It must be said that it wasn’t cheap, but my God was it worth it.

Entering into the lobby, we were ushered to deep comfortable seats in the bar area, and within a minute one of the immaculately uniformed staff arrived at our table. High Tea with rosé Champagne was ordered, and duly arrived after a short but comfortable wait. Discussing the decor in the room was enough to take our minds off the wait anyway, beautifully done with very refined taste.

After the goodies had been placed on the table, before we were allowed to eat, we were given an introduction by another impeccably dressed waiter, describing each of the items on our three tier stand. We were told where the bread and the contents from each sandwich came from and the provenance of the various accompanying jams.


Almost British in appearance, but most definitely Swedish in content, the mix of sandwiches, scones and fancy cakes was a wonderful way to pass a couple of hours in the most elegant of surroundings. The Champagne helped too.




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