New addition.

This little bundle of joy got delivered yesterday. As I type this he’s sat in my hand, thus reducing my usual lightening fast two finger typing to a single finger crawl.

A cat had clearly had him, as he has a decent wound under one of his wings, so am loathe to put him back in a tree to keep trying to fly, as he’d be toast in no time at all.


I’m having no problems getting him to drink, but eating is another issue. So far I’ve tried rehydrated dog and cat food, little strips of ham and bits of boiled egg whilst using tweezers, fingers and even my mouth, but just not interested. I know at this age they eat a predominantly insect based diet, but have you ever tried catching a fly?

I dont think it will be too long until he can fly well enough that I can put him outside safely, but want him to survive till then.

Any ideas?


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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