Cultural Differences

Phone hanging

Lucky Spain to have the weekend off

In my quest to be a pilot I´ve done quite a bit of research, one very important criteria is obviously price. I think it was Sir Richard Branson who said “Its easy to make a small fortune in aviation. You simply start with a large fortune.”

I’d looked all over Europe and the States to try and find somewhere cheap, as my local aero club (with its almost total monopoly) was too expensive, and I found a place in Spain that seemed to fit the bill, including English speaking instructors. Perfecto.

So, yesterday, our Spanish doctor gave me the correct phrase to ask to speak in English, the bull’s horns were taken, and I called. The conversation is written, verbatim, below:

(Spaniard) “Hola buenos dias”

(Me) “Buenos dias, posso hablar en Inglaisi por favor?”

(S) “Yes of course but today is Saturday. Could you please call on Monday?”

(Me, confused) “Why, can you not speak English at weekends?”

(S) “No”

And hangs up.

I actually did physically look at the handset I was holding, as if I was unable to believe what I’d just heard, before bursting out laughing.

I went to see our Doctor to explain what had happened, and he emitted a monstrous belly laugh. “Are you crazy? Calling on a Saturday? People dont work in Spain on a Saturday. What were you thinking of?” Followed by more laughing.

Looks like I’ll be calling back on Monday.


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