My Eyes and Private Pilots Licenses

I forgot to add my other large task for this year.

4. Get my eyes sorted out.

There are currently blind cave fish with better vision than my good self, so I need to do something about this, if I wish to do number 3 in my list. Last time I was home I popped to England to a clinic of a well known laser eye surgery place, and had the full enchelada. The lot was done, at the end of it all, I was told my eyesight was marginally better than Stevie Wonder´s, but it was a close run thing.

I am just on limits for a pilots license, with corrected vision, but if I can make my eyes better I most definitely will do.

After a similar test in France I was given two prices, the French one almost double the British one, and I came back to work to save up some pennies to pay for it.

Lo and behold, slap my thigh with a wet halibut, the doctor on site only knows personally an eye doctor in his home town in Jerez. Sends her a quick mail, any chance yada yada, and post haste a reply is forthcoming.

Bobleponge, come on downnnnnnnnnnnn (for a much cheaper price than in the UK too).

So, once the date is agreed between eye doctor, site doctor (who must be there to translate) and me, a fork may be stuck in me, for I will be done.


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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