A difficult thing.

The net being so rubbish here in Arlit, I’ve not been able to get online for the last couple of days.

This post is being written the day after the brutal murder of a young British soldier, in broad daylight on the streets of London.

Watching the footage was sickening, there isn’t a word that accurately describes the sensations I have towards those two cowardly killers. That this happened is unfathomable to the average mind. I watched the young Englishman talking to a camera, his hands covered in blood and holding a meat cleaver and a knife, with total and utter disgust and despair. A young man, a young Briton, bought up as a devout Christian, radicalised to such an extent that he and his cohort were prepared to butcher an unknown. That they were then prepared to wait for the police showed they were completely prepared for the afterlife.

Filth, scum, dogs, murdering bastards, many many more soubriquets could be given and be deserved, there can be nothing, nothing that justifies this in the name of religion, or of anything else.

I had trouble sleeping last night. I did feel incredibly sorry for the family and friends of that young man, but more than that, I was totally and utterly unprepared for the toxic wave of racist bile that pervaded all forms of social media that I was able to access.

“Fucking murdering muslim cunts, kill them all.”

I will say, first of all, I have never lived in an area where I was the minority. I’ve worked in plenty, as I tap this very missive I am the only white human being in the place, the remainder are African muslims, but I’ve never lived that way. I would suggest that it’s entirely possible that if this were the case, I may have a different view on things.

There is no doubt that large swathes of the United Kingdom are infuriated by the Islamisation of parts of their sceptered isle, and in some respects I understand that. Islam is a religion of peace, and tolerance, so to have their religion foisted upon an area can and probably will cause resentment. What happened yesterday was outwith Islam, outwith any religion. My personal feelings are that the firearms officers made a mistake, they should have killed them both. I understand the intelligence that can be gleaned from live bodies is hugely more than from dead ones, but at least, perhaps, some members of the community may have seen a justice they agreed with. An eye for an eye if you like.

It seemed to me last night as i battled over the ether to get my point made, that nobody could see the correlation between Martin McGuinness and Christianity and these two filthy cunts and Islam. Religion had nothing to do with it. Its just hatred, nothing more nothing less.

There is a problem in the United Kingdom, the radicalisation of young men, to such an extent that they are prepared to carry out Jihad will be hugely worrying for the intelligence services. Although it seems the pair of them were on the radar, there was nothing to suspect they were about to carry out such an atrocity. There may be no more, some more or many more people just like this, prepared to launch a reign of butchery across the streets of Britain.

I dont know what the answer is, I know this hasn’t been written very well, in any sort of order, or even with any sense of purpose, but today was simply about getting this off my chest.

I am still appalled at what I saw yesterday, to an extent where I’m actually seeing his face in front of me. I am appalled at the disgusting racist filth I saw from people who I honestly thought would have known better.

I dont know what the answer is, but one thing I’m fairly sure of, there really does need to be a solution found, or I fear anarchy. Last night the people of Woolwich showed the EDL they didn’t want them there, in their hour of grief. But tracts of my homeland are clearly ready to rise up and take retribution, deserved or not, against innocent people, because of the actions of a tiny minority.





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