Missing you already

Didnt get time to do the oil change before leaving home for seven long weeks. I shall return home bronzed as a Greek god, (without physique to match) and with a real longing to drive my Porker a lot. This will cost me large sums of cash in fuel but at least I shall be driving it with a smile.

So, what have I learned after nearly 2000 miles of ownership in just less than four weeks?

The second gear has the dreaded Porsche malady of jumping out of gear. This is either a quick fix of cables being displaced, new gearbox oil change, or a new gearbox. (Boohooo). Quick Fleabay search reveals that I will be looking to pay anything from £500 for a box, but then as i’m changing that, I may as well fit a new clutch as well as the RMS. So a minimum of £2000 but that should ensure me a lot more worry free miles both clutch, box and RMS.

She’s very thirsty. Admittedly I drove her like a loon on the last day before coming back to work, was the first day really when I started to use the gears to the fullest, rather than changing up well before 4k revs. I overtook someone on a small backroad dropping from fifth to third and went passed him like he was standing still. Truly phenomenal acceleration, forcing me back into the seat as I pressed down hard on the accelerator. Loved it. When I left home, after having realised about a week after buying her how to change and reset the various buttons and dials, she was doing 24.6MPG. Staggeringly poor but not too much motorway driving and lots of back lanes, thrashing the gears and driving her like I’d stolen her.

Simple tasks can be done myself, a minor service I can do, in fact, apart from the oil change, its been done. More complex stuff I would have to consider either paying or learning and taking a chance on doing it myself. With more garage space and a few more tools I’d be confident of doing a bit more. Have bought a set of sports manifolds, which I intend fitting myself sometime later this year after I’ve done a bit more reading, and a set of coffin arms which I will rebush before replacing mine and selling mine on, on French Fleabay where I’ll get more cash.

She truly is a pleasure to drive. I’ve never owned a car that has made me want to take it out for a drive so much. The longer I own her and the more time i spend in and around her, the more flaws I see, but notwithstanding, she’s truly a pleasure. 

I’m probably going to go to a place in Camberley and get the bonnet and front wings blown over, know someone who had it done, wasnt expensive at all in the scheme of things, and will make such a difference to the look.

I’m home in exactly seven weeks today, and in 49 days time you can guarantee I shall be sat in the cockpit of my Porker, driving her around the French country lanes with the roof down and a smile on my face.


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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