New boots

So, after having failed her French control technique (MOT for us Anglophones) she drove from home to Paris, then around Paris a bit, then back home. All passed without a hitch, nerry a beat was missed.

Since having her she has been nothing but a pleasure to drive. I’m still enjoying the feeling of just pushing a tiny bit on the right hand pedal and being gently forced back into my seat. Wonderful feeling. The Long Haired General isn’t overly happy on roundabouts and corners, which I like to take in a spirited fashion, but I am. More than happy in fact.

Today I had a chap come to fit me 2 new front tyres, Michelin PS3’s, he came to my house whilst I did my shopping. By the time I returned, the old ones were off, the new ones were already  fitted and being balanced. is definitely a company that will have my business again in the future, very good and a very good price.

New boots were fitted at 106,026. Noted this to see how long they last. I know rear ones will last a bit less, current ones are good but will need replacing by the end of this year I would imagine.

Had a package arrive full of goodies like plugs and filters and tube inserty thingys. Will be having a bash at one of those tomorrow morning.


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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