Oooohhh Noooooo

Today is French MOT day for Susan. An MOT here is valid for two years not one, so I’m really  hoping I can get through this without too much of a problem. Two new tyres were ordered for the front yesterday, as front right needs changed, the lights were changed over (easy to do with Liptronics) and I had a good look at the brakes and pads. All seemed to be well, the 4 rubber gaiters are all intact and were all done for English MOT last year, all the electrics work and she will have a good blast up the road to sort the emissions out before she goes to see the nice MOT man.

I fear for my suspension however. I think its a bit tired on the passenger side, the Long Haired General only weights about 7st so I know it cant be her thats making it creak so.

The results shall be posted on here, and I shall cry if it fails.

If it passes though, or fails with only minimal work required, this will be the first step on getting the French plates on, which I’m hoping to get done very soon.


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Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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