The realisation of a dream.

There is a blue Porsche Boxster sat on my drive, reversed 2/3 into my garage. Porsche ownership has been something I’ve dreamt of for many a year and its finally happened.

After a couple of days I can see there is work to do on the car, however some of it has already been started. Changed the rear light bulb, today will be changing the 2 front bulbs that dont work. The key not working bit was just me being a virgin Porsche owner. It locks and unlocks the car no worries but it should also open the boot and bonnet remotely which it didnt do. Had a look on a couple of Porsche forums (fora? forum? forai?) and the fault was the operator. You need to hold it down a couple of seconds for them to open. I guess this is done to stop them popping open constantly with a slight touch as you’re walking to the car.

The RMS oil leak is going to cost me around £300, and I will buy 2 new front tyres, get them delivered to my daughters house and pick them up next time i’m over. Thats another £400, plus need to change the headlights over. Suspect this may also cost me a lot, around £600 or so. Eeeekkkk. Still, for £8k I will have a beautiful Porsche that runs like a dream. I’m a touch happy.


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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