The seller is a used car salesman*

*insert any non-complimentary word you choose.

So, I cross the channel, I change my cash, I get a lift and I’m at the house looking at the car. I specifically remember asking him “does the RMS leak” and “do the keys work as they should?”

I know I asked him these two questions as they are questions all Porker owners need to know. He replied in the negative to the first one (which is good) and the positive to the second one (again good). 

I should have known. He’s a ferkin used car salesman. The RMS does leak, evidence was there right in front of me on the floor, a guilty looking fresh spot of oil, and the keys dont work properly. There were a few other bits too, one front tyre needs replacing, suspension is a touch “meeehhhhhh,” a rear light bulb not working and front lights seem very poor.

Overall, I did almost 1000 miles in 55 hours, she ran without a hitch, nothing seemed to be a problem, she’s thirsty but I knew that anyway, currently running about 26.5MPG which necessitates a lot of filling up stops, but honestly its just a joy to drive.


(Piccy’s to follow).


About bobleponge216

Elderly rotund toothless male seeks wilderness to travel to.
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